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Function   Description
Commuted Value   The single payment amount that would be payable in lieu of a series of periodic future payments over a defined period of time
Commuted Rate   The rate at which the commuted value of a given number, frequency and timing of future payments is commuted to a single lump sum payable immediately.
Modal Premium Cost Rate   Calculate the effective cost of fractional (other than annual) premium payment modes.
Commuted Period   The period of time during which a given periodic payment would be paid, assuming a commuted rate, payment frequency, timing and lump sum deposit.
Commuted Income   The amount of income that would be derived from a lump sum deposit, assuming a stated ROI, indexing, frequency and payment period.
Present Value   The amount of money that would be required in advance, in the form of a lump sum, to finance a series of future periodic payments over a specified period of time and assuming a given return on investment
Return on Investment   Calculate the Internal Rate of Return on an equal Monthly or Annual deposit maturing at a given amount at the end of a given number of years. For example "What is the rate of return on an annual contribution of $1,000 that matures at a value of $52,200 at the end of a period of 20 years?"
Quick Life Insurance Needs Estimator   A quick estimator of the amount of life insurance coverage that would be needed. (Note: As the name indicates this is a quick estimator and should not be assumed to be an analysis.)

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